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The 80/20 Social Media Marketing Formula

If you have a Facebook business page it’s vital that you understand the 80/20 social media formula. For this article, we will discuss Facebook specifically.

The 80/20 social media formula means that 80 percent of your content is entertaining or educative with the remaining 20 percent being service or product-related. It’s important to follow the proper social media formula so that your page isn’t a running billboard and has all of the assets of a great Facebook Business Page.

More often than not, we run across business Facebook pages that are essentially running billboards. Though this may look great from the business owner’s perspective, it doesn’t contain the assets that help grow a proper social media following. It may seem counterintuitive to post content that isn’t related to your products or services but social media is passive selling, therefore you have to approach things from a different perspective, one that attracts new followers and keeps them engaged.

People log into social media to either be entertained or educated, therefore your Facebook business page needs to strongly focus on offering content that is relevant for your clientele increasing both engagement and likes. By offering content that is either entertaining or educative, your page will grow its followers quicker and people will be more prone to visit your page for updates.

The remaining percent can be promoting your ads or services tastefully, using high-quality graphics and engaging digital material.

Tastefully growing your following by offering proper social media content will put you in the perfect place for displaying your products or services to a much larger and relevant audience than before.

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